Misunderstood Series

Adam Hale emerged onto the Nashville local artist scene with his explosive first series, “Disestablished,” a challenging view of the status quo of corporate America. This collection depicts his whimsical “Bunny Man” characters which, although vividly endearing, offer a sobering perspective of consumerism in our culture.

Hale’s latest expression is a compilation of classic Hollywood monsters entitled “Misunderstood.” “I have always been able to relate to monsters,” says Hale. “Whether they’re innocent or villainous, they get a lot of negative press. I imagine them as regular folks—the same people you’d see in a high school yearbook. We can reflect on them as ‘cool guys’ or ‘jerks,’ but ultimately, we are relating to an aspect of ourselves.”

While Hale allows the viewer to unfold his nuanced messages, the visual experience is an awakening of bold, beautiful color and enticing textures. His work can be thought-provoking, but his aim is fun—which he handily delivers.